Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Microwave Medical Waste Disinfection System (MMDS).

•MMDS stand for: Microwave Medicalwaste Disinfection system
• It is an alternative non- burn green point of generation treatment technology for the disinfection of biomedical waste.
• Microwave disinfection is essentially a revolutionary method where disinfection occurs through the action of moist heat and steam generated by microwave energy through internal molecular heating thereby providing extraordinarily high level of disinfection..

105 - 107 log , highest known to man

Yes, has been tested for its microbiological efficacy by:
Haffkine Institute, Mumbai. All bacterial cultures , including the bacterial spores of deadly pathogens , as well as the fungal cultures which have the potential to cause “Hospital Acquired Infection” were found to be killed after 30 minutes of exposure in the system at 90°C
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow, Department of Microbiology The report state that OptiMaser Microwave Medical Waste Disinfection System (MMDS) has good microbial efficacy. In one cycle run of 45 minutes 105 organisms of ATCC Escherichia coli 25922 were killed yielding zero colony count.
Rukmani Devi Beni Prasad Jaipuriya Hospital Jaipur, Department of Microbiology Report of Biowaste sterilizer states that all samples were sterile after 48 hour of aerobic culture.

OptiMaser™ kills almost all pathogens /bacteria known to man.

E Coli(ATCC-10148) NG NG
S Typhi(NC TC 786) NG NG
Paeruginosa(immunotype IV) NG NG
S aureous (NC TC 3750) NG NG
P Vulgaris(Clinical Isolate) NG NG
V Cholera(569 enaba) NG NG
S Flexneri(Clinical Isolate) NG NG
K Aerogenes(Clinical Isolate) NG NG
S Pyogenes(Clinical Isolate) NG NG
M Tuberculosis H 37 RV NG NG
B Subtitl ATCC 9372 (spores) NG NG
B cereus (spores) NG NG
C albicans(ATCC 10231)
Ebola Virus
Japanese Encephalitis
H1N1 Virus
HIV Virus
Hepatitis B, C Virus

• For Sure, OptiMaser™ can definitely treat metals, infected needles and AD syringes when hydrated with high disinfection levels.

• Metals should be completely submerged in water for proper conductivity and better efficacy.

Yes with high level of disinfection and with no side emissions unlike autoclaves.

Waste after treatment is completely disinfected and can be disposed off as household waste. However, such disposal is socially still not acceptable. Recycling of waste with / without shredding is a good source of income. Treated waste should be disposed off as per the land / country law and regulations.

It is suitable for the point of generation treatment of waste coming out of almost all sources of waste generation . however, MMDS is most suitable on the following 6 locations:

1. Infectious wards of the hospital.
2. Dialysis rooms, ICUs, OTs, Wards with HIV infected patients, wards with
3. TB patients wards
4. AIDS and contagious diseases wards.
5. Outside OTs where high generation of plastic waste is administered.
6. OPDs / JE wards

S.No Technical Specifications MMDS 10 MMDS 30 MMDS 60
01 Type & application Microwave disinfection system for disinfecting hospital waste as per our design basis Microwave disinfection system for disinfecting hospital waste as per our design basis Microwave disinfection system for disinfecting hospital waste as per our design basis
02 End User Description suggested by The MMDS-10 is a T specially designed desktop HF Disinfection he MMDS-30 Desktop HF-Waste Disinfection Device provides the The MMDS-60 HF-Waste Disinfection Devices are an ideal solution for
03 Manufacturer Device which provides he solution for medical practitioners, labs, upto 25 bedded hospitals, OPDs and isolation wards etc. optimum solution for Govt CHC & PHC’s, blood banks, Research facilities, centres, hospitals, etc. hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, dialysis centres and Multi OT Hospitals,Medical Colleges,CBWTFs
04 Rated capacity 10 Ltrs/batch 30 Ltrs/batch 60 Ltrs/batch
05 Cycle time 40 mins @ 90°C 40 mins @ 90°C 40 mins @ 90°C
06 Efficiency 105 to 107Log 105 to 107Log 105 to 107Log
07 Microwave generators HF output –1.0 KW Output frequency – 2450 MHz HF output –1.5 KW Output frequency – 2450 MHz HF output –3 KW output frequency – 2450 MHz
08 Electrical supply 1 phase, 230 VAC, 50Hz, 25 Amps 1 phase, 230 VAC, 50Hz, 15 Amps 1 phase, 230 VAC, 50 Hz,20 Amps
09 Expected power consumption 5 KWh 5 KWh 5 KWh
10 Dimensions(HxWxD) 1040x1050x630 mm3 1540x1050x630 mm3 1700x1050x630 mm3
11 Weight 200 Kg(approx) 250 Kg(approx) 300 Kg(approx)
12 Treated Categories CAT 3: Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste CAT 4: Waste Sharps, CAT 6: Bio Medical Waste CAT 7: Disposable Bio Medical Waste CAT 3: Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste CAT 4: Waste Sharps, CAT 6: Bio Medical Waste CAT 7: Disposable Bio Medical Waste CAT 3: Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste CAT 4: Waste Sharps, CAT 6: Bio Medical Waste CAT 7: Disposable Bio Medical Waste

S.No OptiMaser Variant Volume Vol: Weight Total weight/cycle No.of cycles/day(approx.) Total waste tearted/day Total Vol. treated/day
01 OptiMaser 10 10l 1/3 3.33Kg 8 27Kg 80l
02 OptiMaser 30 30l 1/3 10Kg 8 80Kg 240l
03 OptiMaser 60 60l 1/3 20Kg 8 160Kg 480l

Yes, It is extremely easy to install, use. There are no harmful emissions or discharge coming out of it. Thus there is no precaution (apart from those mentioned in User and Service Manuals) or additional investment required.

• 15 amp domestic power line, single phase

• 20 sq. ft. clear area

• One unskilled labour / nurse for 2 hrs / day.

There is NIL cost incurred towards maintenance of OptiMaser. This Indigenous unit comes with 5 yrs comprehensive Warranty.

o The product is based on world’s most promising, eco-friendly, cost effective technology towards total disinfection of bio-medical waste.
o It is a non burn technology
o It is an Indigenous Technology patented by Government of India.
o Complies with Regulatory standards and International conventions.
o The only point of generation treatment technology which eliminates misuse, pilferage and eradicates spread of secondary infections.
o OptiMaser™ ensures complete disinfection of 105- 107 log highest known to man and has been tested for its microbiological efficacy by Department of Bacteriology, Haffkine Institute, Mumbai.
o Treats almost all categories of biomedical waste except Human/animal body parts, liquid and radioactive waste.
o Ensures uniform internal heating
o PLC based automatic operation with automatic water addition etc.
o Easy to operate as its a plug and play device and requires only one unskilled operator. It also eliminates any kind of occupational hazard
o Effective remote monitoring system with E-cloud based online temperature and record display and printout for each batch process.
o Safety interlocks with plug & play technology.
o Compact and requires less space
o Non infectious end product
o Resource efficient and eco-friendly
o It requires minimal energy and water.
o Eliminates the need of any secondary boilers.
o Zero environmental impact as there is no emission or effluents discharge and end product could be mixed and safely disposed with municipal solid waste.
o Cost –effective
o Zero running and maintenance cost.
o Requires minimal manpower (just one unskilled operator)
o No additional effluent treatment system required as there is no discharge
o No additional secondary boilers required thus saving on water, electricity, space and extra resources needed for the maintenance of the boilers.
o Has potential to save millions of rupees which is otherwise spent on public health due to secondary infection.

Based on alternate, non burn technology.
Zero Emission of harmful gases.
Zero discharge of effluents.
Does not require any chemical for treatment of waste.
Requires very low quantities of water and energy.
Being a point of generation treatment technology it saves energy in transport of hospital waste.
Resource efficient with low carbon footprint.
Very low power consumption (5 KWh) -Requires low quantities of water (1 kg/cm2(g)) and the water is circulated back in the system for reuse
Does not require any secondary devices
Requires less space As it is a point of generation treatment technology, it saves energy which is consumed in transporting infected waste to a CTF.

Yes , since it does not require any special arrangements other than a 10/15 Amp. Single phase domestic power line socket

Yes, The technology is approved by the Central Pollution Control Board, GoI. And the product has been patented by GoI.

There is a huge market for OptiMaser™ since there are only 3 manufacturers worldwide. (two in Austria and one in India). Potential exists wherever there is an existing evil of medical plastic reuse unethically (3rd world, Africa, SAARC etc.)

You get to manage your waste onsite in an eco friendly and sustainable manner
You become self dependent for managing most of the biomedical waste
You will be able to cut down the chances of HAIs in your hospital by a greater percentage
You save on cost for disposing medical waste as the treated waste can be dumped as household waste
You save on all secondary devices which is otherwise required in other alternate treatment technologies
You save on training and capacity building of staff as it requires only an unskilled operator
You comply with national regulations and International conventions towards management of biomedical waste.
You can generate money as medical waste plastics after disinfection can be safely recycled after segregation.

No, since this is a GoI patented product and SAMEER & Govt. of India through DEITY signed a Transfer of Technology Agreement (ToT) with M/s S.S. Medical Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. For the mass manufacture of the product. Such offence is punishable in India and internationally through WTO treaties.

Nil recurring cost, rather you save a huge amount of money which is otherwise spent on maintenance and operation of obsolete technologies

All India District Hospitals 11,400 units 100
Govt Medical colleges 150 15
Pvt. Medical colleges OptiMaser 60 60l
Pvt. Hospitals Above 50 beds 28000 50
Pharma Industry(R&D) 300 40
Sample Disposal in Genetic Veterinary,Research labs 300 30
Ministry of External affairsGrant in AIDS to 3rd world countries 600 30
INITIATIVES Departments Role
Department of Health GOI to ensure MMDS as a Capital Investment per OT in all Govt. District level Hospitals
MOEF Through CPCB or NGT to ensure installations of MMDS in all Pvt hospitals above 50 beds.
DETY Provide subsidy to all pvt hospitals willing to invest in MMDS.
MCI To ensure that all Medical Colleges(Govt & Pvt)must have Microwave per OT in each Medical Colleges.
NABH/QCI To make microwave pre -requisite for POG treatments of plastic for any NABH certification
MOD To Ensure budgeting & installation of MMDS in their existing & new Hospitals
MOEA To Ensure budgeting & installation of MMDS in their existing & new Hospitals
NACO To be sensitised to ensure MMDS installations to restricts AIDS/Hepatitis-B etc
Capacity/Bed 5 Year cost Per Year Cost Per Month Cost Bed/Day Cost
10 ltrs. (186 Beds) 160000 336000 28000 4.80
30 ltrs. (535 Beds) 2571540 514308 42859 2.50
60 ltrs. (1050 Beds) 3403640 680728 56727.33 1.70

Dept of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITY) has the provision to provide subsidy to all Pvt hospitals willing to invest in OptiMaser™.

1. Jubilee Mission Hospital, Kerala
2. Govt. Hospital, Sikkim
3. Sonosite Medical System, Bhimtal
4. Govt. Hospitals, Tripura
5. Gangtok Health Services, Sikkim
6. Nikhil Techno Chem Pvt. Ltd.,Kanpur
7. Suchitra Kripalani Hospital, Nanital
8. Alfatherm Ltd. , New Delhi
9. ITC Hospital, Andhra Pradesh
10. Sushila Tiwari Memorial Hospital,Haldwani
11. JSW Hospital, Karnataka
12. SGPGI, Dialysis Ward
13. Global Hospitals, Mount Abu
14. Uttaranchal Forest Hospital Trust, Haldwani

OptiMaser has a Govt of India Patent Certificate and is CE certified.

• A microbiological study on treated waste from a microwave unit can be done for various test organisms like Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphlococcus aureus, E Coli, Candida albicans, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Geo Bacillus Sterothermophilis to name a few.

• The bacterial spores are most resistant to heat and their inactivation indicates that the system is capable of inactivating virtually all types of micro organisms.

• Self contained Biological Indicator ampoules, with a spore population of 105, for bacillus subtilis or Geo Bacilus Stero thermophilis are readily available in the market.

• These SCBI ampoules for Geo Bacilus Stero thermophilis can be placed in the Maser Bin , amidst waste to be treated. Once treated, suspension from these ampoules are incubated at 370 C for 48-72 hours and observed for growth, if any.

• No growth after incubation, indicates that the organisms are inactivated and hence the required disinfection achieved successfully.

Microwave technology is used worldwide and has its prominent footprint. The scientific papers are available on request.

The technology is multifaceted and can be used in different industries:

• Sanitization of pillows, blankets, linen bed sheets at railways, hospitals, hotels, defense etc.

• Sterilization of OT apparels & equipments like scalpels, scissors, syringe etc.

• Linen Disinfection

• Dialyzer Disinfection