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OptiMaser™ 10 | OptiMaser™ 30 | OptiMaser™ 60

A full range of high end Microwave Disinfection System is available by the brand name of OptiMaser™, in three customized models to cover entire bandwidth from Desktop Model for basic patient care (OPD) to 60 liters capacity for high throughput hospital OTs

Highest level of efficacy confirmed by the Haffkine’s Institute, Mumbai (Click Here to access Haffkine’s Report)

Process : Safe and Easy Operation

OptiMaser™ Key Features

Key Features or X
Regulatory compliance
Onsite, Mobile Plug and Play, easy operations
Contemporary, Green, NON BURN technology
Operates at very low temperature
High level of Disinfection 105– 107 log highest known to man
Kills all virulent Microorganisms including (Bacterial spores, Viruses of HIV, Hepatitis, AIDS, Vegetative germs, Fungi, Parasites etc., )
Safely disinfects metallic needles, syringes, plastics in medical waste
Non contact technology ensures uniform heating & disinfection
Ease of Use, No occupational Hazards
Resource efficient (low quantities of water (1 kg/cm2(g)), very little power consumption (1-3 KWH)
Low foot print
Requires one unskilled manpower
Ensures Zero Misuse of Medical plastic waste
Negligible running and maintenance cost
Amazingly Affordable, Recovers its cost in 3 years

Microbial Inactivation Efficacy

OptiMaser™ has highest disinfection levels ranging from 105– 107log and can kill highly infectious pathogens including bacterial spores in a disinfection cycle of nearly 30 minutes and at a temperature ranging from 90-100 °C.

Various infections/disease causing pathogens killed by OptiMaser™ includes

S.No.Test OrganismViability of organism after exposure for 30 minutes*
1E. Coli (ATCC-10148)Killed
2S. typhi (NCTC-786)Killed
3P. aeruginosa (Immunotype IV)Killed
4S. aureus (NCTC-3750)Killed
5P. vulgaris (Clinical Isolate)Killed
6V. Cholerae (569 Inaba)Killed
7S. flexneri (Clinical Isolate)Killed
8K. aerogenes (Clinical Isolate)Killed
9S. pyogenes (Clinical Isolate)Killed
10N. Tuberculosis H 37 RVKilled
11B. subtilis ATCC 9372 (Spores)Killed
12B. cereus (Spores)Killed
13A. niger (ATCC 16404)Killed
14C. albicans (ATCC 10231)Killed
S. aureus and P. aeruginosa which are among the most common disease causing pathogens, are killed in OptiMaser™ with a disinfection time of nearly 27-30 minutes.

Competitive edge over conventional technologies

CriteriaOptiMaser TMAutoclaveIncineration
Regulatory acceptance*
Microbial inactivation efficacyHighLow
Resource efficiencyHighResource intensive with high energy and water usageResource intensive with high energy usage
Occupational safety and healthHighLowLow
Environmental emissions and waste residuesNILHave emissions of steam and water dischargeHighly toxics emissions of Dioxins and Furans
Types of waste treatedCat 3,4,6,7Cat 3,4,6,7Cat 1,2,3,5,6
Space requirementsCompactBulky systemsLarge system with huge space requirements
Utility and other installation requirements
Recommended for onsite treatment
Reduction of waste weightRow 1 col 4 content
Noise and odorVery MinimalHighHigh
Ease of use
Operator trainingNot RequiredRequiredRequired

Advantages of OptiMaser™

Onsite collection and disinfection
Disinfects highly infectious medical waste with highest efficacy
Amazingly Affordable
Suited for onsite disinfection outside highly infectious wards | Maternity ward | HIV infected wards, Blood Banks, Dialysis Isolation Ward, Multi OTs, ICU etc
Treats all categories of medical waste (except 1& 2)For cat 1,2 deep burial is recommended
Concurrent waste audit | E-Cloud system for Remote monitoring of each cycle of disinfected waste
Onsite training
Hassle free disposal | disinfected waste can be disposed as municipal waste
Reduces waste handling and disposal cost of medical waste
PoG ensures Zero Pilferage and misuse of Medical plastics
Contemporary Non Burn Green Technology

OptiMaser™ Specifications